The Victoria, British Columbia outpost Four Horsemen hit us with the teaser a couple of months ago for the shop's in-house line, Four Horseman Supplies, that now has a full F/W 15 collection under its belt. There's always this expectation with in-house lines, at least in my mind, that they'll somehow be slightly lower quality. I don't know why I am so biased like that. Call it abject cynicism that I clearly need to get over. I have some issues. But Four Horsemen really murdered this shit. As you might anticipate from previous efforts, the black noragis are already sold out. Hopefully there will be a restock on those. But the rest of the collection is not to be slept on either, like the funnel neck parka, drop shoulder sweatshirts and tees and pleated trousers. I really like the sweatshirts with the floral interior panel. It reminds me of something either Dries or Engineered Garments might do. The best part? Most of it's pretty affordable. Hit Four Horsemen and support businesses with the word "Four" in their name.