I am a huge fan of boots and actually have a handful of pairs. But for some unexplainable reason, I never fucking wear them. One pair is definitely more suited for hiking, but I never go hiking. Yet, I also make up the excuse to not wear boots in the city because boots are meant for actual rugged terrain. So that paradox I've created in my head ends up biting me in the ass because I like to buy nice boots and then never wear them. I would love to break this spree of terrible decision making process. The only way I see that happening has to be copping these dope Arctic Hiking boots from Feit. Goodness me these are all kinds of gorgeous. They're tough and mean. But also kind of sleek thanks to Feit's love of clean, seamless leather uppers. They apparently leave the shoe on the last for 10 days and expose it to humidity and steam to make sure it tightens the leather and takes a nice shape. Which you can definitely see. Am I about to part with $900 for these bad boys? I'm not saying no. But I just hope my mom is reading this and taking notes.