Hats are having a political moment lately. Most notably, Donald Trump has spent a shitload of money on his "Make American Great Again" hats. Trump is undoubtedly among the corniest and worst people in existence and his heavy-handed merch naturally matches up perfectly to his personal brand of human garbage. You would think this guy would be an L taking machine, but here we are, with Trump still leading in the polls.

Listen, I'm no political pundit, but the Democrats do seem at least a little scared of Trump's shamelessly effective pandering to the craziest corners of America, a powerful growing constituency. So, what did the Left do? The Dems made some hats in response that make the bold claim that "America Is Already Great." Yeah, I agree, that's pretty fucking bad. Quite frankly, it's almost as embarrassing as Trump's original, which is funny only in an equal parts ironic and real fear that there is a chance that Donald fucking Trump becomes president of the United States of America

And, like, I sorta get it, emphasis on the "sorta." On paper, America is great, especially when you consider our track record of career highlights. But you'd be a fool to believe that we don't have a TON of room for improvement in 2015. I'm not tryna hop on my Sorkin soapbox and drop bombs on this shit, just calling it like I see it.

In a more immediate call to action, the last thing we need is to reinforce the idea of Trump's campaign as legitimate. By clapping back, it seems the Democrats have only added to his credibility. You guys are supposed to be the people in the room more in touch with reality. Then you go and do something like this. I mean, the file name of the hat is literally "Trump Hat mockup." You have to do better. You need to do better. Please, do better.