Spend some time with Dave Macklovitch and you’ll get an education you never knew you needed. Macklovitch—better known as Dave 1 of funk-heavy duo Chromeo—is listening to Travis Scott when we arrive at his vibey Williamsburg apartment while a Cire Trudon candle burns.  Macklovitch explains that he’s finally getting his new place—which until three months ago was inhabited by his younger brother A-Trak—to where he wants it to be. There's a pair of PK22 chairs by Poul Kjaerholm (Google them), and a super-rare Brazilian chair dubbed the “Esfera” by Ricardo Fasanello that populate his living room.

Dave 1’s sophisticated tastes aren’t just for show, either. After putting a PhD in French Literature  from Columbia University on hold, he became obsessed with architecture, devouring books about Danish, Italian, and Brazilian design, spending nights going from novice to borderline expert on global design culture.  As someone who pays such close attention to design, it’s no surprise that Dave 1 has become a low-key icon to the fashion set. He has a standard uniform—skinny jeans and a leather jacket—which he elevates with a keen eye for detail. As “leather weather” officially hits across the country, we caught up with Macklovitch to browse his expansive collection and get tips on what guys should look for in the elusive search for the perfect leather jacket.