The classy, older brother of H&M, COS, is giving us everything we need for spring and more. With H&M's Balmain collaboration dominating the headlines, now was really the perfect time to roll out a collection that is decidedly the opposite of Balmain's seizure-inducing bombast. The budget-friendly COS is always "understated" and "minimal," but those buzzwords have become so redundant that I'm hesitant to call any of this by those names. S/S 16 is, as always, fairly simple, but with the right  details thrown on the bare necessities. The trousers feature with legs cut out of a single of fabric (which I guess is a good thing?), the cropped car coat comes in a smoked plastic finish, wider cut pants come with double pleats on the front AND back and a couple of tops are cut square with a neck opening that basically looks like it's just a slit. They're all keen touches added to basic garments to give them that little extra elevation. We still have to endure the colder months ahead, but coming out on the other side with this stuff readily available kind of makes it worth it.