Continuing the "XO" (Exclusively ours) sneaker series, Barneys and Converse did a slightly modified take on the Chuck Taylor. Listen, it's incredibly hard to make the Chuck Taylor stand out without being totally fucking annoying. The shoe has been done a billion times because it is the definition of a classic. The typically canvas sneaker tends to be super floppy, plain and incredibly easy to get dirty. So, Barneys switched the flow up a little bit, opting for a crinkled patent leather treatment. It's not as shiny as typical patent and should break in with some cool creases around the shape of your foot. It's also a reminder that the first-ever collaboration Barneys ever did was with Converse, all the way back in 2008 when your little brain couldn't even process the word "collaboration." The reds are a bit turbo, but the black and white joints blend in while standing out compared to all the kids who shop at Hot Topic. Barneys has 'em right now.