Rav Matharu and his brand Clothsurgeon have really just been clocking in overtime like crazy the past couple of months. There was Pre-Fall, then S/S 16, then a jersey fleece capsule and now, a collection exclusive to renown global fashion spot, Selfridges. They even made a video for the occasion, which you can watch here. Above are stills ripped from said video to show you the fits. The pieces come mostly in vintage military fabric and Japanese boro looks that make it so each piece is slightly different from the next, a touch that we appreciate because we are unique, little snowflakes of trash. Naturally, that comes at a cost to your wallet, but if you've been on the hunt for the perfect military green bomber, you may have just found it. You can shop the rest of the collection at Selfridges to help Rav continue to do the kind of wild shit you didn't think was possible.