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Bella Hadid is a woman of many talents. When she isn't traveling the world for modeling, she is training for the Olympic Games. She hopes to represent the U.S. equestrian team next year in Rio de Janeiro. 

Hadid shares that she has had a passion for horses since she could walk, and even now with her hectic schedule she always finds time to ride.

"You know how every model is like, "I do yoga". Well, I find horses have the same effect," she told The Mirror.

Despite her thriving modeling career, Hadid says that she always wanted to pursue a profession as an equestrian. She admits that she thought modeling was more of her sister Gigi's thing.

"I never knew [modeling] was something I wanted to do. I started riding at an early age and my sister was modeling for years before I was. I thought that was going to be her thing."

Hadid does say that she is very happy with her new success, but thought she would be riding horses her whole life.