First off, let's get one thing out of the way: Bridal Fashion Week exists. Yes, we have yet another fashion week to add to the list. I suppose this makes logical sense though. The bridal industry is a monster (Get it? Like, bridezilla?) and worth so much fucking money. While it feels like a bridal fashion show would be fairly traditional, simple and generally classy, we have designer Reem Acra to thank for this travesty: a bedazzled selfie stick made for brides to document their last moments as a single woman. Also, notice the blinged out headphones because that makes total sense for a bride. Listen, selfie sticks already had their moment. They're fucking done, boo. The last place they should be popping up is during an actual wedding ceremony. We'll give a pass to the reception where drunk bridesmaids take 30 photos just to get the perfect one with all their besties, ruining everyone else's time in the process. As you can imagine, the Facebook response to this bridal innovation was not kind. But you know what? Fuck it. I actually hope top see one of these at the next wedding I begrudgingly attend just so I know exactly who to cut out of my life forever.

[Photo via Facebook]