Last week, someone grabbed nearly all the official stock images of the Balmain x H&M collaboration and we were smart enough to grab screenshots. Whether that enormous leak pushed H&M to promote the upcoming designer collaboration earlier than it would have liked, who knows? But last night the Swedish fast fashion giant dropped the lookbook for the collection so we could get an idea of what these clothes would actually look like on some humans. After all, we've learned over the years to never trust anything modeled on a mannequin. As gaudy as the collection is, it definitely works better on figure. There's the G.O.A.T. double-breasted coat with a billions buttons that will clock in around $230 rather than it's standard multiple thousands of dollars and the signature moto jeans for a similarly much more affordable $300-ish pricepoint. You may not feel like plastering black and white chevrons all over your body or wearing a riff on Michael Jackson's "Thriller" jacket, but there may be a piece or two here worth buying. Balmain x H&M releases on November 5th in select stores and online.