If Back to the Future II has taught us anything, it's that three decades go by quick. Looking back to when Marty McFly and Doc Brown flew the DeLorean right into 2015, it's almost comical to see how far we haven't come now that it's actually 2015. That said, there's also a surprising amount of similarities between the 2015 of the film and the genuine article.

While Hill Valley can enjoy things like hoverboards, hydrator ovens, and Jaws 19, we have a shared history; everything from digital eyewear (shouts to Google Glass), to the Nike Air Mag has been correctly predicted by the film literally 30 years before its time. We're not expecting anything like flying cars, but there are plenty of Back to the Future's 2015 that we can enjoy in real time, especially when it comes to our closets. These are 11 Ways Back to the Future II Predicted Today's Style Trends.