I’m very much into this Universal Works chore jacket done up in Harris Tweed. I would wear it on the slimmer side, maybe buttoned all the way up underneath a topcoat or on its own with only the top few buttons fastened. I'm not sure what else I would wear with it as I've only imagined myself looking dope in it. Sometimes when you imagine how dope you will look in a particular garment, the rest of the fit remains tantalizingly out of focus, as if your mind's eye wishes to leave some of the creative process to be finalized in the 30 minutes you give yourself to get to work on time in the morning. If you get a new chore jacket and it takes you a little extra time in the morning to incorporate it into the rest of your wardrobe just let your boss know you were late because you copped a new jacket. He'll probably appreciate it more than that time you were late because you fumbled your vape pen and spilled your weed and/or weed concentrate and had to regrind and repack it and get lit before you could start your commute. Your boss should respect your morning routine though. It keeps you from responding to passive aggressive emails with Pepe memes and the "Why you always lying?" Vine.

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