While this Mr. Porter interview admits how difficult it is to find anything new about Tom Ford considering he's done so many interviews and told so many people about his life—remember how he used to take five baths per day?—it still manages to unearth some great nuggets about the designer's life. A couple of them are small bits: he dyes his facial hair black because he doesn't want to go grey, sushi is his standard lunch meal and he likes "Colin the Caterpillar" gummy treats. But it's his morning routine that is something that is only believable because this is Tom Ford we're talking about, people.

Ford wakes up at 4:30am due to his struggles with sleep, makes an enormous iced coffee, answers emails, makes himself a second (and even larger) iced coffee, grabs himself a bendy straw, draws a bath, turns off the lights, lights a single candle, gets in the bath and drinks his second iced coffee via said bendy straw while soaking before attacking the day.

This is on some serious American Psycho Patrick Bateman type shit, except I don't think Tom has actually ever killed anybody.

[Photo via HungerTV]