While the majority of print magazines are straight bricking it, there is also this movement to bring our now almost completely digital world back onto the physical page. And you may not believe it, but Street Dreams magazine, recently profiled in The New York Times, came to life off the strength of an Instagram page.

The quarterly magazine based in Vancouver and New York harnesses the passion of Instagram users, sourcing content from its followers who tag #streetdreamsmag and featuring a handful of photographers in every issue. Now with over 115K followers, the magazine has set up brand partnerships with Coach and Iceland Air as well. Naturally, it all came together through Instagram as the two founders met one another on the app while working dead-end jobs. Ever since, it's been sharp, high contrast and beautiful photos in both print and online.

The indie mag scene is pretty skrong right now. People definitely seem to want shit taking up space on their coffee tables, that's for damn sure. Take that, trend forecasters! Six issues deep, you can pick up Street Dreams in print or digital format right now.

[Photo via Street Dreams]