Another day, another Stephen Schneider banger. The coat pictured here has got it all: removable knit-lined hood, perfect cut and drape, even a (slightly) easy to digest sub G bar price. I feel like if a garment is cheaper than a MacBook, it's easier to justify a purchase. Congrats, you guys are getting very clear insight into my rationale as a consumer. Like, I need to upgrade my current computer situation because, well, I make a living using one, but I keep buying clothing instead because I keep finding other shit that is just cheaper. Honestly, I need a new coat to stunt in the Holiday Inn when I go to NYC way more than I need a computer to cover Fashion Week. That's why, Complex interns, I'm always making an editor commandeer your laptops from you those 1.5 days I'm actually in the office. THE PEOPLE NEED THESE NONSENSICAL POSTS MORE THAN THEY NEED WHATEVER IT IS INTERNS AT COMPLEX DO.