Check out this sick Snow Peak jacket that's on sale. It's got patchwork-style construction, noragi-influenced design and an equally dope and useless pocket on the back. Whenever I contemplate becoming a very successful drug dealer, I envision myself wearing this style of garment while I jovially provide my customers with narcotics for them to further enjoy their lives. I'd keep a burner in the back pocket and a bunch of blunts in the front pockets and I guess, like, two cellphones with which I will scold clients for texting me instead of just calling like, "THEY DON'T NEED WARRANTS FOR TEXT MESSAGES, YOU DINGDONG. JUST FUCKING CALL ME AND ASK IF I WANT TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES, OKAY? And for god's sake, stop asking if I have tickets to the Nuggets game. That joke is stupid as fuck."