Two men from Sweden are working to revolutionize the art of shaving by using the power of lasers. The new razor called "Skarp" could literally make the hair fall right out of your face using light.

In 1989, founder Morgan Gustavsson invented the intense pulse light technology that has been used in hair removal treatments. But, his original wavelengths weren't able to easily remove light and gray hair. Now, after years of research, he and his partner Paul Binun have reportedly found a part of the hair molecule called chromophore that will cut across all types using the technology.

Gustavsson and Binun launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new product, which has already earned $650,000. As their site points out, shaving has been relatively the same for thousands of years, but their futuristic technology promises a close shave with no irritation. 

The pair hopes to release Skarp in March of 2016.