Do people still shave with straight razors anymore? I thought we all just transitioned to electric beard trimmers or some ridiculously bladed face machete to control our stubble or lack thereof. But apparently, there is a need for a new straight joint, which is why these Swedish dudes on Kickstarter have launched a campaign for the razor of the future that cuts your facial hair with fucking lasers.

With this, all the ills that come with shaving your face with regular ol' razors are no more—no razor burn, ingrown hairs, cuts or replacement blade cartridges that cost roughly your life savings. To get all nerdy for a second, there is something in all people's hair called a "chromophore" and these Swedish razor scientist dudes found that when hit with a certain wavelength of light, that shit just cut in half immediately. So it's not like you could take this razor to your skin or anything and slice through it, which I guess is sort of the point. It's specifically crafted for hair and hair alone. We're actually thinking of pledging the $89 you need to get one so we can hack Moy's beard off when he comes to town for Fashion Week. Meanwhile, in the 10 minutes it's taken to write this, the project has raised more than $2,000 and already smashed its goal of $160,000. I mean, throwing a laser on something is the easiest way to get people to give you their money.

[Photo via Kickstarter]