Rihanna has channeled Mario characters and Seinfeld's Elaine Benes for past outfits, so it wasn't hard to believe that the BadGal would take inspiration from a Pokémon gym leader. 

Kotaku first brought the resemblance to light and the story has spiraled to the point where people truly believe that Rihanna swaggerjacked a look from a real character from Pokémon. 

However, it's actually the other way around. Twitter user buildacastle originally wrote that Rihanna looked like she could be a gym leader from the video game series. The tweet inspired Tumblr blog Green Glasses to create a piece of fan art that shows what Rihanna would look like if she were a Pokémon character. Now, we can only hope that the Pokémon company remedies this by creating a Rihanna character complete with an Eevee and Umbreon. Or, really go all the way with this dream scenario proposed on Green Glasses' blog. 

Image via Green Glasses