Represent basically turned the static you used to see on your TV when the cable went out into a collection. And to show off F/W 15, the team hit Iceland to turn out a wild editorial. What's dope is that all the colors match up, like, perfectly. Represent's fully monochrome look translates to the white and grey of the ice and snow, while also juxtaposing its city-ready look into raw, unadulterated nature. I fuck with that. The "static" pattern finds its way onto a bunch of the knits and outerwear, but if you aren't about that poltergeist afterlife, there are also other options, especially for the color-averse. F/W 15 really reminds me of two things: the guys from the snow level in Goldeneye on N64 (featuring possibly the best gaming song ever) and this one time I went on a glacier in Canada when I was in middle school. It's not that interesting of a story, but the fact that a glacier is just a big chunk of ice, slowly melting and making its way somewhere due to erosion made my fucking 12-year-old head explode out of my asshole. Represent F/W 15 drops today at 4pm on Represent's website.