Whenever the Pope goes...well, anywhere, there's going to be a lot of hoopla that arrives with him. As Pope Francis kicks off his first-ever visit to the United States, people have been designing an array of bizarre Papal merchandise to sell, showcase, and cash-in on during the first U.S. papal visit in the last seven years.

Like an international rockstar, people have created a bevy of bootleg Pope-themed T-shirts. This movement is particularly strong in Philadelphia, with T-shirts featuring everything from a praying Pope Francis, to a Philadelphia Eagles-themed Pope Francis logo flip. Perhaps the most unique (or, strangely Philadelphia-relevant) T-shirt is the one debating which cheesesteak is better: Pat's or Geno's. 



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If none of those T-shirts get your attention, head over to "popeisdopephilly"'s Instagram page; a brand clearly flourishing off the papal visit to The City of Brotherly Love.

But without a doubt, the most bizarre Pope-themed tie-in has to be "The Pope's Cologne"—perfect for when you're fresh out of holy water.



Of course, the novelties don't stop there; with merchandise spanning everything from baseballs to bobbleheads. 




Hard at work in anticipation of the pope's visit w a tip of the mitre to B Deutsch . #popemerch #popevisit2015

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We're not really sure if the notably modest Pope Francis would approve of people cashing in on his likeness, but hey—*pops Popecorn*.