I seriously own three iterations of this Our Legacy pullover and yet I still want more. It’s like my own personal Pokémon strain. I have this in linen, in denim and nylon and now I want this particular pigment-dyed nylon joint because it’s a great color and, honestly, these things are so comfortable. One time I went to the fancy bagel spot in my neighborhood and AFTER I ORDER they’re like, “Hey, our credit card machine doesn’t work, do you mind if we just write down all of your billing information including the security code on the back so we can charge you later?” I was like, “FUCK NO. WHAT IS THIS, A SHITTY-ASS SCAM USING BAGELS?” and they got all offended and went “We won’t steal from you, c’mon." I was like, “Dog, you literally pulled out a fucking Mead composition notebook with a whole page of credit and debit card information. Let me just go to the ATM so I can pay in cash.” Evidently, that little outburst pissed them off so they gave me all my change IN COINS. On that particular day, I had on one of my Our Legacy pullovers and just dumped that mess into the kangaroo pocket, but I forgot to zip it up. So when I got home, I went to take off the pullover as to not get lox and/or cream cheese on it and, like, a billion nickels and pennies fell all over my apartment floor. I guess the fancy bagel spot won that battle.