Now you can add a new title to Nigo’s already impressive resume and list of responsibilities: Creative Director of YOHO! The news was announced yesterday during the brand’s annual YOHOOD trade show weekend in Shanghai.

Perhaps best known for his iconic label BAPE, Nigo is not one to be idle. He’s also the Creative Director for Uniqlo’s UT brand, stars in an MTV Japan show called Nigoldeneye (that he created for himself), and recently started his latest company NIGOLD, home to clothing brands and eateries alike. Not to mention the collaborative collections he's been releasing with adidas. 

YOHO! is a media company that includes both YOHO! Boys and YOHO! Girls magazines, as well as an e-commerce platform in YOHO! Shop and the aforementioned YOHOOD trade show. Last year, the brand received $30M in funding to be invested in the development of media and e-commerce platforms, with rumors of introducing first-tier brands to the platform.  While it’s probably safe to assume Nigo will oversee creative of the entire portfolio, who knows exactly which piece of the business will be his focus.

Either way, now that YOHO! is armed with Nigo’s cultural influence and expertise, the Chinese brand will be able to expand their reach into the East and beyond, all while bringing more focus to the creative and fashion world in China. Sounds like a perfect match.