Nick Wooster has a new interview up over on Mr Porter's The Journal, where he gives some insight on how he became one of menswear's most recognizable faces almost overnight. Wooster says his turn in the spotlight came back in 2010. He was leaving his hotel, on his way to Milan Fashion Week, when he was spotted and photographed by The Sartorialist and Tommy Ton, two of the world's best known street style photographers. When the photos—in which Wooster was wearing a tweed jacket, boots, and jodphurs—went viral, Wooster told Mr Porter that "it was a lottery-winning moment." Now, his graypompadour quiff and white beard are known the world over, and people look to his Instagram for daily style inspiration

Since then, Wooster has picked up other gigs in the fashion industry, most recently even launching his own clothing lined, called Wooster + Lardini. Check out the full interview here. There are also gems in there about what it's like to live a day in the life of Wooster, plus a peak at his impressive closet.