New York Fashion Week is here, which means the city is teeming with some of the most incredible clothing the world has seen. And we’re not just talking about the runway shows or presentations. We’re talking about the swarm of people who dress up for the sole purpose of getting street styled. 

From the elaborate to the sophisticated to the down right bizarre, there are really no limits to the variety of fashion statements we’ll undoubtedly notice; however, like in every season, there’s bound to be a few wardrobe consistencies, also known as trends.

So what will we witness this time around? Well, we’re not psychics by any means, but we do have our predictions—predictions that were carefully formulated based on recent street style photos and the most popular men’s collections of the year.

Take a look below to see the top trends we’re sure will make an appearance at NYFW. And if you’re hoping to finally achieve your dream of getting street styled, you might want to take some notes.