Givenchy, in what is being billed as an "act of goodwill" and definitely not a marketing tie-in to the opening of their Madison Avenue store, showed their collection on September 11, in a somber, respectful show done in collaboration with artist Marina Abramovic. Riccardo Tisci, the man responsible for knee-high Air Force 1s, is calling it “a celebration of family and love.” Do you think anyone has ever told Riccardo “No”? If you weren’t granted one of the golden tickets, you can still do your part to keep Fashion Local and support downtown commerce by picking up a convincing rottweiler T-shirt on Canal Street.

While Givenchy will undoubtedly be digested as a Fashion Moment™​ (along with Kanye West's enigmatically teased Yeezy Season 2 show, fast becoming a third installment of the National Treasure franchise) this season’s hottest show is hometown boys made good Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osbourne’s debut at DKNY. The Public School’s duo is now solidly part of the Fashion establishment, and their interpretation of one of the '90s most important names in New York streetwear is being met with near-giddiness by everyone who is old enough to remember when its iconic mural lorded benevolently over Houston Street and wearing a bucket hat wasn’t ironic.

Misha Nonoo, Earth Angel, perhaps aware that asking anyone to show up to anything before 2 p.m. on a Saturday simply wasn't happening, is forgoing a physical show entirely, opting instead for the first-ever Instagram-only roll out at 10 a.m. Which means you can go to Russ and Daughters, bring a half pound of Gaspe back to the apartment, and let the warm glow of social media, the only person that understands, wash over you.

The conceit that fashion week has been brought under a tidy umbrella is mostly wishful mythology. Plenty of labels still insist on being mavericks by making you trudge up to some backwater like Carnegie Hall. Opening Ceremony is showing on Wall Street for god’s sake. In honor of Alexander Wang’s tenth anniversary show, being held at Pier 94, get a dozen halva donuts at Underwest Donuts, New York’s premier donut shop-in-a-car wash concept. No, the math doesn’t make sense, but neither does Wang’s show sponsors