Pigalle officially announced that it would be doing a collection with NBA 2K16 that custom players in the actual game would be able to wear. While that's an official partnership, an industrious Reddit user dropped his own designs into the game, which allows players to design their own custom jerseys and courts for their team. He went with the ostentatious baroque print that Supreme and Nike put on a jersey set and Foamposites last year that caused a literal riot. The design is ever-so-slightly different as the tool wouldn't let him do a rounded neck without some design glitches popping up, so he went with the V instead. Obviously, it's not real, but this is probably the closet you'll get to ever having the actual jerseys anyway, so you gotta take what you can get. We'd like to see some other designer versions make it in too. Maybe a star-filled Givenchy rendition or a black on black drapey Rick Owens kit (preferably with Ramones or Geobaskets as the kicks). I mean, it's only right to match your IRL persona to your in-game baller.

[Photos via Reddit]