The kind folks at Eyescream have brought something to our attention that it is absolutely vital information as you cruise into the weekend. What we have right here some are fucking N. Hoolywood x Airwalk sheraling lined chukka boots. Are you fucking kidding me? Airwalk? You're goddamn right. I remember owning a pair of super puffy Airwalk sneakers (if you could even call them that) back when I tried skateboarding for, like, two weeks. I don't remember if they were comfortable, but the point was that they were like walking on air, right? Well, I'm not sure if these will feel like that—probably closer to some clouds with all that furry lining. They come in white and black leather along with a ripple sole, which is low key not actually very comfortable. That kinda counteracts the whole point of Airwalk, but if you're down to shred on some middle school waves of nostalgia godspeed tracking them down when they release tomorrow in Japan.

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