Montreal-based outfitter Moose Knuckles isn't one to shy away from a joke (as if the brand's name wasn't enough of an indication). It's with that attitude that Moose Knuckles presents its Diamond Series Parka, tongue firmly in cheek.

Much like the brand's Gold and Crystal parkas (clocking in at $1,214 and $3,500 respectively) this a riff on the brand's classic Canada parka, with plenty of crazy extras. As noted on the brand's website:

"If you are the type of person who enjoys bathing in Dom or using 100$ bills to make origami mini clown figurines then, we have the perfect jacket for you. Travel through Moose Knuckles' history with a photo-printed lining featuring our favorite campaigns. The Knuckles shine with five karats of diamonds set on leather trims…yes, you read that right. We put five, big ass karats of diamonds on a coat.Why you ask? For the same reason we do anything at Moose, because we can!"

Gaudy details aside, the jacket is sure to keep you warm all winter long; the jacket boasts a water repellent nylon outer, leather trims, and duck down inner.

Each jacket is custom made to order, with each purchase including a trip to Montreal for a custom fitting—complete with a stay in five-star hotel. If you've got the money to blow, head over to Moose Knuckles to claim one for yourself.