Ahhh, we love us a good New York Times trend piece, especially when it's about us, millennials. This one is about how we, the worst generation, spends a lot of time on our phones, watching videos and doing our best to skip as many advertisements as possible. No fucking shit, advertisements are butt. Evidently, we also spend a lot of time jumping between our devices and watching Netflix. It's almost as if technological improvements are continually determining more and more aspects of our lives. My favorite part of this piece though is the passage where it describes millennials as if the generations before us didn't act exactly the same way at our age:

The consumers in this age group, the thinking goes, are young and influential, and many are getting married and having children. They have discretionary income and are making big purchases like houses and cars. They are also deciding which brands they are likely to remain loyal to for the rest of their lives.

Yeah, that's totally different than people who were our age, like, ten years ago. Naturally, because marketers need to make money off of us, brands are changing their outdated ways and trying innovative approaches to reach us that include shit like emojis because it's the only language we understand. Well, that and "Netflix and Chill," of course. Everybody speaks the language of love. Holy shit, marketers are even using these crazy and wild things like apps and Snapchat!

No matter how brands try and come at us, the most important stat is this one: "73 percent of millennials say it is important that a brand is not just trying to sell them something." What the fuck do you expect a brand to do? Not sell you something? That's, like, literally the only thing they know how to do. Goddamn, marketers and the rationale behind millennial behavior is so stupid. It's impossible to talk about this stuff without everyone coming out the other side completely dumber for even just casually participating. I don't think I'm an old soul by any stretch, I just hate everything.

[Photo via Iorma]