The man bun is a popular subject of ire, especially from the likes of classicist Mr. Porter. We've given you a strong guide on how to perfect your up-do, but be wary because reports are now coming out that the hairstyle is turning men bald at ridiculous rates. According to Mic, this condition called "traction alopecia" is a direct result of the the pulling back of the hair required to wrap up your long locks into a bun.

An actual dermatologist weighed in on the issue as well, saying that she sees the condition once or twice a week. What does it mean? It means that the patches around the hairline and temple, where the most strain is put on the hair, tends to go bald quicker, often requiring hair transplants. Of course, this condition has been around since people figured out it was possible to put their long hair in a ponytail or other hairstyle in the interest of keeping it out of their face, but with man bun fever at an all-time high in both the streets and the media, we have remind the people about their health. Pro-tip: Just tie that shit looser. This isn't a photoshoot. Who cares about a few stray fly-aways? Chill.

[Photo via Gentsac]