Who would have thought that a French brand like Maison Kitsuné would make a collection inspired by the great American pastime of baseball? That's not exactly the most obvious connection in the world. But they've gone and done it in collaboration with Reebok Classic, which has roots in the sport, and the result is pretty solid. The white and red color palette is very "high school athlete" and '50s retro, which is what I assume they were going for. I mean, you could give the jacket to the girl you're crushing on when it gets cold out. But then you'd just make sure nothing happened to the jacket because it cost you a lot of money. It wouldn't be a very good date then. Also, what was ever the point of taking off your coat and putting it over a puddle? That just ruins the coat. Then she still has to walk in the puddle? That makes no sense. Anyway, this collection comprised of the varsity jacket, sweatshirt, shorts, baseball tee and a revamped Reebok Classic Leather sneaker hits select retailers, Kitsune.fr and Reebok.com this Saturday, September 12th.