Over the past few years, Kit and Ace has developed quite the loyal following and expanded to over 25 retail locations­—while still staying somewhat under the radar. It’s safe to say its underground status won’t last for much longer after the tremendous success it's having this year.

Founded by former lead Lululemon, designer Shannon Wilson (who is married to Lululemon's former CEO Chip Wilson), the label launched with a focus on using technical innovation to create luxurious streetwear that hadn't existed before, such as machine-washable cashmere.

"We've got the financial support to be able to open up stores, and we also felt because we had success in the past, that people might be looking at us a little closer,” Shannon Wilson told Fashionista. “So we thought, well, in order to really own the market, let's move really quickly and get out ahead of the competition, because it comes right behind you."

In addition to its nine locations in Canada, the Vancouver-based brand has opened storefronts in the United States everywhere from St. Louis to Honolulu, and is set to open at least ten more stores by the end of the year.

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