Kanye West isn’t playing around.

In preparation for the Yeezy Season 2 presentation tomorrow, the 38-year-old rapper/designer made sure to provide each of his models with a non-disclosure form. Not a complete shocker considering how secretive he’s been about the show’s details; however, some of the models claim his conditions are insane.

According to the Mirror, the form bans all Yeezy Season 2 models from discussing him, his wife Kim, or any other member of the Kardashian family. If they do open their mouths, they could face a hefty lawsuit.

“Kanye’s hacked off some really high-profile models by asking them to sign the agreement, particularly because it stated that he could sue them for up to $10 million if they spoke out about him,” a source told the Mirror. “It’s a ridiculous amount and some models flat out refused […] He’s not considered a great talent—everyone knows his show is just a media frenzy, so some girls would rather not be associated with him.”