In a video with Vogue backstage at the Yeezy Season 2 presentation, Kanye spoke with certified legend Andre Leon Talley about the collection and the future. He mentions right off the bat that Yeezy Season 2 is a step closer to what he's "dreaming about" with his clothing even if it doesn't seem all that different from Yeezy Season 1 if we're being totally honest. But sometimes the biggest changes are actually the smallest, so maybe we're just not on Yeezus' wavelength. I mean, who is, right? As for the larger, oversized looks that Kanye has worn himself and injected into his designs, he says it stems from being a father where "it's about being as relaxed as possible."

ALT even goes on about Amina Blue (we assume) and her enormous booty to which Kanye replies that he likes "form" and to represent different kinds of beauty in the casting for his shows. The slight bombshell that comes in the last five seconds of the short clip is that Kanye says he believes he'll "be in New York" next year, so while we wait for Season 1 to finally hit shelves in late October and ponder this latest collection, we can also start dreaming about Yeezy Season 3.

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