Jeremy Scott made history when he had his hand prints added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame last night. Scott is the first fashion designer to receive this honor and his prints have earned a spot among other celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Meryl Streep, and Cary Grant, Yahoo! Style reports.

Scott was there for the premiere of the new documentary centered around his lifeJeremy Scott: The People's DesignerHe spoke with Yahoo! Style about the premiere of the documentary and being perceived as a celebrity. "This girl came up to me at the airport like, 'I’m sorry, I love you, can I take a picture?'" he said. "And I love that because my work has touched someone’s life.  She doesn’t love me because she doesn’t know me, but she likes my work, and that’s what she loves, and that’s great. I’m not a famous person but what I do is iconic and it creates images and icons." 

He also says that he hopes the documentary inspires others by seeing his hard work and determination. Scott says that going back to his hometown in Missouri was crucial so that viewers could understand that you don't need money or a prestige name to be successful. "[People] should know I was born dirt poor," he said. "I grew up with very humble beginnings... And I had a dream. I believed in it. I worked hard. I hope people see that." 

Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer hits theaters Sept. 18.