Though fashion has been consistently criticized for its lack of diversity, we’re beginning to a see an exciting shift take place. More and more designers and brands are opting to hire unexpected people in the place of “traditional” models. You know what we mean: white and rail thin.

One such brand is Los Angeles-based Libertine, which has been making headlines for its decision to cast a hotel housekeeper in its NYFW runway show. How did this happen? Well, it was mostly due to luck.

While working his shift at the Hotel Hudson earlier this week, 33-year-old Sophon Aur was spotted by Libertine designer Johnson Hartig. Though he was merely completing the unglamorous task of taking out the trash, Aur’s look was so intriguing that Hartig couldn’t help but approach him. And the very next night, the housekeeper was modeling the Libertine Spring/Summer 2016 collection in front of fashion’s elite.

"They told me to just walk, look straight and don't go too fast or too slow,” Aur said in a press release. “So that's what I did. It's like when someone asks you to go to a party, you go to the party.”

Check out Aur’s look in the image above. To see the full Libertine Spring/Summer 2016 runway show, click here.

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