Good zines are few and far between, but a good one can have some powerful influence when it reaches the right audience. Dazed has a new interview up with the founder of Polyester zine, Ione Gamble, who has turned the print media industry in the U.K. on its head with her own releases. In the interview, we learn a bit about how Gamble was able to gain footing in the scene as a newcomer, and how she maintained the publication's authenticity once the zine's influence was established. 

Gamble has bypassed most of the formalities that people expect a new publisher to go through in order to succeed in the industry. She tells us that it's important to remember that "people are often more approachable than you think," and that any new creative should "stand up for what [they] believe in and change people’s minds through the work [they] create." Polyester is a zine that does this in its own way, touching on everything from photography, fashion, digital culture, and the LGBTQ experience, truly representing the voice of our online generation. Read the full interview here

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