In H&M's global domination and takeover plan, the brand recently launched a beauty department that was implemented into 700 stores in 28 markets in July alone. That's pretty fucking insane. But not as insane as the plans the Swedish fast fashion empire has on the books for fall, according to Fashionista.

The term "expansion" barely does H&M any justice. CEO Karl-Johan Persson says that the the next few months will bring 240 more H&M locations while also expanding its online store until basically every country under the sun is also under H&M's umbrella. 240 stores comes out to about three stores opening per day. Add that to their current tally of 3,675 stores and shit immediately gets very real.

Every time you eat a meal a store will have opened. Every night you sleep, catching those eight valuable hours, a new H&M store will have opened while you slumber. While you slave away in front a computer for eight hours at your office job, H&M will have opened a new store. That's deafening efficiency and borderline scary. So start preparing yourself mentally. Shit's about to be straight Starbucks levels of ubiquitous.

[Photo via Wikimedia]