All the "Rich Kids of Instagram" madness that popped off a while back was pretty strong. Shit, a bunch of these flexing assholes even got their own TV show. Whether you wanted to or not, we all saw these blessed children flaunting their wealth with sheer unadulterated abandon. Understandably, people either hated them or wanted to be them. For some reason or another, Business Insider hung out with a couple of said rich kids of IG and, well, it doesn't really seem like it was all that cool. To be fair, would you expect anything less?

Naturally, one of them, Andrew Warren, has his own clothing line and while the promo for it increases in corniness as time goes on, the clothing isn't actually that terrible. One girl took a huge jaunt across Europe and the Middle East after graduating college in May and admits to buying an "emotional support dog" certification online so she could bring her tiny dog everywhere carte blanche. To be fair, Lawrence did the same thing and I know for a fact he's not rich. Anyhow, these are the kinda kids that pick what restaurants to eat at based on their parents' investments, but, like, that's just more or less sound financial decision-making. Meanwhile, another member of this exceedingly lucky social circle is considering trying her hand at DJing because stereotypes are real. Ironically enough, none of the kids profiled take part in managing the "official" Rich Kids Of Instagram account even though whoever has been ended up with a book and merchandise deal. I guess they're leaving the real work to some pathetic, aspirational peasant.

Maybe it's my Monday cynicism speaking, but a day in the life here sounds kinda boring and wholly unremarkable. Like, sweet, they ate at a restaurant, attended a runway show and went to a Fashion Week party. Um, we do that shit all the time and we're broke as fuck. I'm sure all the drugs and alcohol abuse got edited out before publishing because they wouldn't want anything soiling their already sterling reputations, but, again, you don't need a ton of money or influence to destroy your body. I'm sure all of you reading this are proof positive to that fact.

[Photo via Rich Kids Of Instagram]