There are many, many things that can go wrong on a first date, having your prized sunglasses stolen probably isn't something you'd consider, though. However, that's exactly what happened to this guy who spent the next year sending hilarious texts in hopes of being reunited... with his sunglasses, according to The Mirror

The guy, Alex, was on a date with a woman named Anna when he asked her to keep his sunglasses in her bag. Apparently, the date wasn't going so well and Anna decided to ditch. Alex wasn't too concerned about losing the girl. "I wasn't that into her anyway," he told The Mirror. She made off with his sunglasses, though, which is why we now have this saga of one-sided text messages from Alex to Anna. 

Alex tries everything to get his sunglasses back. He sends memes, emoji phrases, pictures of himself with ridiculous sunglasses, and is always topical. Read the entire chain of messages from page one to FORTY below. 

Unfortunately, not all love stories can have happy endings. 

Image via Giphy