Judge me if you want, but I still fucking love Yuketen and handsewn moccasin-style shoes so much. Actually, scratch that. I don't want to hear it from you assholes. You guys jizz your pants about visvim with the same dry dicks you make fun of moccasins with and that won't stand on these pages. Anyways, Houston-based Greenway Coffee Company had these shoes made up by Yuketen and The Class Room will be offering them for pre-order September 28 through October 16. All you need to know is that they're dope because they're like a hi-top moccasin sneaker. The parties involved are even holding a best wear contest with the winner receiving a year's supply of coffee. I feel like I'd burn through a year's supply of coffee in, like, 2 months because I stay up way too late to function in the mornings because I'm worthless and also because waiting for coffee to brew is a great aesthetic accompaniment to packing a morning bowl. I need to have several types of chemicals in my bloodstream before these tangents really start to take off, ya dig?