Are you afraid of tank tops because you haven't picked up anything heavier than your iPhone in the past year? Join the fucking club. But you gotta embrace the garter snakes attached to your shoulders rather than force them to coil up in fear. Thankfully, Gioventu dropped a tank that does a little bit of both. It's made for layering and has shoulder straps of substantial width, somewhere in-between beater and NBA jersey territory. In terms of details, it also features a single seam that twists around the torso to the back, where the curved hem is just slightly longer than in the front. It's a high-end look for an essential piece of layering technology too often overlooked. It seems we at Four Pins have totally forgotten that tank tops exist. And yet, here they are, complete with their signature distinct lack of sleeves, but with all the rarity of a sick hemline. Pick one up right now before the weather dips.