Four years after the event that was Watch the Throne and "N*ggas in Paris" is a confirmed classic. It's arguable even that, in their succeeding solo projects, Jay and Ye have yet to top it. Either way, after a short stint of radio-enabled ubiquity, we're all still obsessed with it. Which is why The Interns' decision to children's book the hell out of the song into a fire, PG illustrated story is random, but more than welcome.

Created by Bianca Bosso, the awesomely titled Friends in Paris tells a bromantic tale of Jay and Kanye across several pages, using the song lyrics as thematic inspiration but veering wildly off into its own story—Beyoncé, Kim K, and even Drake (kind of) all appear. It's pretty amazing. Read it in its entirety below while you blast the breakdown on "NIP" at least three times in a row.