It's been a banner week for Forever 21, who already have H&M breathing down their neck for stealing a terrible tote bag, and now, the brand has been called out by a Portland-based graphic designer named Sam Larson for ripping off one of his designs and dropping it onto a T-shirt. The two-year-old design, while fairly simple, does have some pretty distinct features and the crop-top that Forever 21 ported it onto only has one real difference, flipping the "I" into an arrow. Take one look at the strokes used in the design and it's pretty apparent that this shit was merely scanned and dropped onto the design board with one minor alteration.

It's not foreign territory for a big fashion company to rip off a small-time designer without the funds to take the issue to court. But Sam has a pretty sizable Instagram following of about 238,000 people and put the company on blast. Now, the shirt is conveniently "out of stock." Forever 21 told Buzzfeed it couldn't comment on the matter due to pending litigation. I'd ask for the madness to stop, but it really makes my job so much easy. Good luck and godspeed, Sam.

[Photo via Instagram, Forever 21]