Kickstarter is, like, our mortal enemy. Too many terrible ideas get exposure and funding on there and, more than anything, the formula has become completely ridiculous and overdone. The laundry list of insane shit is never-ending. "Drinking jackets," a hoodie with a billion features that has become one of the most-funded projects ever or terrible MAN LIP BALM. There are tons more that we have personally skewered. But we didn't got he extra mile like CBC did with its "This Is That" series and make a perfect parody. Because it's no longer just people with ideas, good or bad. Nope, you need the perfectly produced and edited high-end video too.

We're a tad late on his, but it's too good not to share. Smoke & Flame is a made-up "artisanal firewood" company that handcrafts and prepares perfect firewood for the discerning pyro. It's done up in that classic, kitschy, Kinfolk-esque style with rustic branding and the perfect buzzwords. The company was started after the founder didn't like the poor quality firewood on the market today and only sources logs that will give you the best firewood in the world. Homie also rubs ginger on the logs. It's really the perfect package, all wrapped as the ultimate ether for every super fucking obvious Kickstarter project out there today. Dare I say it's almost Colbert-like. To be fair though, the logs come out looking pretty beautiful. I'm 100% positive this shit would get funded.