Drake has partnered with Calvin Klein's menswear designer Italo Zucchelli to create custom clothing for his past tours. Now, the CK designer is dishing on what is required when designing gear for Drizzy's tours. Zucchelli told Styleite that for his high energy performances the rapper requires clothing that is extremely lightweight. 

"He’s cool. He is the embodiment of cool so nothing can go wrong almost so that's why it’s great to dress people like him. It was a great experience to dress him for his tours. What a talent. It’s the embodiment of what I like. It was very interesting for me to see his requirements like how he tests the clothes, according to his movements because he sweats a lot so he likes to be very lightweight and he likes to be very free because he dances, he moves, he jumps, so it was interesting…that part of things. I had to be careful that the clothes would not rip and would be comfortable for him for what he needed to do. He literally jumps a lot, and he sweats. I went to see him, and I understood why." 

In between getting super swole over the summer and touring all over the country, it's safe to say Drake was probably in need of a lot of custom clothing.