The Burberry camel, white, black and red check pattern is iconic and incredibly recognizable, but the British brand decided to open the floodgates this fall and expand its horizons. This comes in the form of The Scarf Bar, which allows customers to customize their own scarf. Talk about the worst first date ever. Anyhow, there are hella options available. Customers can choose the signature cozy cashmere or a lighter and more breathable version along with a bevy of color and pattern options. Seriously, look at all these fucking options. There is such a thing as too many choices, Burberry.

You can also go full turbo wanker and get a gigantic ass monogram of your initials too, choosing the thread colors and just how big you want those letters to be. Granted, getting something monogrammed seems wild corny until you actually do it. Then it becomes kinda cool as long as you don't get drunk with power and put it on everything you own, of course. You can get your own custom scarf online or in Burberry stores right now.