Everyone knows working retail sucks. Long hours, crappy customers, and little to no thanks from coworkers, and supervisors. It's a trifecta that's only made worse by terrible pay. But what you might not know, is that there are a few beacons of hope. While we're not at all implying that you're about to strike it rich while you stock shelves and fold clothes, Business Insider has compiled a list of the top 20 companies with the best paying hourly wages for the the non-managerial grunts out on the sales floor.

More than anything, apparel shops dominate the list, with stores like J.Crew (at $10 per hour), Zara ($10.21 per hour), and aftermarket fashion shop Nordstrom Rack ($11.32 per hour) coming in at 17th, 11th, and, 7th respectively. Two of the top three companies are surprisingly not apparel retailers, but grocery stores; An "artist" at Trader Joe's brings home $13.64 an hour (it comes in third on the list), and a "grocery clerk" at Safeway takes away $16.34 an hour.

But the top dog is big box retailer Target, with a "warehouse worker" coming away with an hourly pay rate of $19.40. That's over $3 more than the number two spot, and a staggering near $10 more than a "key holder" at ladies clothing shop Francesca's Collections​ (the number 20 position).

*Quits job, applies to Target*

See the full list over at Business Insider.