Four Pins: Here for the latest and greatest tech updates and nerd news. During today's special event announcement (I honestly don't really know or care about the official title for these sorts of things), Apple let us know that it has partnered with Hermès for some upcoming Apple Watch straps. This is a pretty strong power move, nabbing a partnership with such a high-end and notoriously closed-off brand like Hermès. Here's what we're working with: a simple, hand-stitched band, Hermès' classic double loop and a final leather cuff joint featuring what is presumable a signature "H" buckle. These straps (and simple Hermès watch faces) are coming at some point this fall, along with gold and rose gold Apple Watches, so if you were waiting till the right opportunity to flex your dork swag on multiple levels, merging old world luxury with new money tech, this is probably going to be your best bet.

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